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  • 49. boss/intern au - E/R


    e/R | boss/intern AU

    "Thank you so much," says Enjolras, sighing in relief as they manage to get the coffee machine working again between them.

    Grantaire grins, and runs his hands through his unkempt dark hair. “Any time,” he says, “though I still think we should have just left it and gone to the coffeeshop round the corner instead.”

    Enjolras flushes, again, like he did the first time Grantaire had slipped that comment in there, smooth as fuck. “Well, unless you wanted me to bring Feuilly with me,” he says dryly, referring to his supervisor, and who the coffee was supposed to be for.

    "Well, if that’s what it takes," says Grantaire, who both laughs and scrunches his nose just enough that Enjolras knows it’s him Grantaire is interested in and not just guys in general.

    "Maybe after work-" Enjolras breaks off when Feuilly finally pokes his head into the break room.

    “Grantaire? Enjolras? Are you alright?” Feuilly blinks at the sticky mess on the countertop.

    "Yes, sorry. The coffee machine just-"

    "Exploded," says Grantaire. "We need a new one, urgh. Oh crap, I’m running late." 

    "This is all my fault," says Enjolras helplessly.

    Grantaire wads the last of the wet paper towels into the bin. “Nah, don’t worry about it. I didn’t have to stay and help. I’m a sucker for blue eyes.” He waves, and trots away.

    Feuilly gives him a strange look. “What’re you doing with Grantaire?”

    "He was just walking past," says Enjolras, drying his hands and finally, finally handing Feuilly his coffee, twenty minutes late. Feuilly raises an eyebrow.

    "Yes?" asks Enjolras.

    Instead of clarifying, Feuilly says, “Did he hit on you?” 


    "Do you want to complain?" asks Feuilly, his face doing something weird, like he can’t decide what expression to settle on.

    "No?" Enjolras’s stomach, which had just been fluttering lightly with the attention of an attractive older man, congeals into a queasy sort of nausea. “What is it? Is he a creep?”

    "Grantaire?" asks Feuilly. "No, god, no, he’s not a creep. I just thought you wanted to stay here past your internship. If you don’t mind people saying that you slept your way into the job, I guess it’s not a problem.” 

    He takes his coffee and goes, after clapping Enjolras on the shoulder, leaving Enjolras to gape after him. His gaze rests on the flourished ‘R’ on the wall of the main office. Grantaire

    Oh god. God. Enjolras had just roped the CEO into fixing the coffee machine for him. He kind of wants to sink through the floor right now, and wobbles past a cluster of interns whispering excitedly. He needs to sit down right now. “What’s going on?” he asks, just in case. 

    "The boss just came by. You know? R.”

    Apparently Grantaire did nothing more than walk past and glance at their screens and tell them to carry on the good work, but when Enjolras sits back down at his desk, he sees a business card slipped behind his keyboard. There’s the telltale R on one side, and on the other where the contact details are listed, they’re crossed out, with a mobile number written in instead.

    The fluttering feeling is back. Enjolras picks up his cubicle phone with trembling hands.

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    "is this simply a game for a rich young boy to play" "enjolras u could literally buy me"

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  • Persian!Enjolras TA also plays the violin. *gross sobbing*

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    Tell me a story of days gone by, I want to leave this life of mine. 
    Nothing but sorrow and pain I find, tell me a story of days gone by.

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    A-Z of the MCU Characters (with bonus x-men)

    Inspired by this

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  • We’ve been here all of four minutes and you guys have already forgotten everything I said! Party huddle, stat!

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  • I look cute tonight so I’m going to go out even though I really should stay in and finish my essay.

    I look cute tonight so I’m going to go out even though I really should stay in and finish my essay.

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  • That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature to ever walk the planet!  

    The Parent Trap. (1998)

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  • Will you do number 6 exr?


    e/R | airport AU, snuggling

    The guy sitting opposite Grantaire looks fucking miserable. Grantaire feels the same.

    There are about a dozen of them scattered in the seats near their flight gate; everyone else has found a hotel room or headed home or called someone to crash with. Grantaire doesn’t have the money for another night at a hotel. 

    Grantaire is already wearing a jumper and a hoodie and is tucked under his heavy winter coat as a blanket. On the other hand, the guy opposite is wearing a light jacket over a t-shirt and looking like he’s already getting cold. “Hey,” says Grantaire suddenly, nodding at him.

    “Uh, hi,” says the guy, warily looking over at him. Grantaire is suddenly aware that he hasn’t showered in almost a day, and he’s looking a bit scraggly.

    “I’m Grantaire. This fucking sucks. Do you want a hoodie or something? You look kind of cold.” Grantaire pulls one out to show the guy. It’s not new or anything, but it’s comfortable and it’ll be warm. The guy looks at it with unabashed longing.

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    I don’t know if you guys know about this site, but it’s ADORABLE. 

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Bahorel I think you didn’t even try at all.

    Bahorel I think you didn’t even try at all.

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    Bunny food critic | [X] - SpicaSirius
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sibling au bbies vs all grown up stuff ;U;


    sibling au bbies vs all grown up stuff ;U;

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  • #dw